joi, 22 septembrie 2011

Home Alone

Hi there! It's been a while since i have last written. I really missed that. Anyway. I got used with Romania, again, after tha whole China thing. I've been a little bit busy these last few days, and now i am Home Alone! Yeah, not the movie, just me, and myself, at home, with no parents, no relatives, friends or anything like that. Oh yeah, i forgot about the dogs. I am with my dogs. Anyway, inside i am alone, so that is Home Alone, isnt't it? Oh no, i forgot again. I am with my laptop and of course, with You, the one who reads these lines. I was thinking of going out, walking, forest? No, it's too late for the forest, and I am alone. Or watching movies (this is what i have been doing for the last couple of hours- so NO). Or just thinking. About what? Yeah, i know - eating, a well-worthed bath and sleep ... :) that's it ... :)  I'd rather prefer YOU being here, talking, watching the stars, a movie - romantic or comedy, some wine? And a great night of talking, to remember things,telling stories. And sleeping, of course ... But You are not here, so i'm gonna spent it the way i said earlier. I wish you have a great night ... 'cause i'm having one - oh yeah - I AM HOME ALONE ;) see ya !

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